Breaking Bad + Silhouettes

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Martin Freeman scratching his beard, at the stage door of Richard III — 3 July 2014

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Any questions?

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livin a life of constantly being a little bit sleepy and mildly turned on

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having siblings is weird bc like one minute u want to strangle them with their own intestines and then later ur singing dramatic duets together

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Why don’t you grow up, mom? Ginny wanted me here. I was the one who took care of her. I took her to her appointments and made her breakfast every day. I earned this. What did you do, huh? She’s lying there dying, and where the hell are you? Now what? You’ve decided to, oh, I don’t know, make your eldest son homeless? Great family, mom.
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Believe me, you don’t want Hannibal Lecter inside your head.

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my fav thing about yakimono is that it caused this huge group of people to collectively realize chilton is hot 

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